MP Nexlevel: A Construction Company Rebuilds Their Recruitment Strategy

Client: MP Nexlevel
Company Size: 1,200 employees
Industry: Utilities/Construction

"Applicant Tracking has made my life extremely easy."

MP Nexlevel is a full-service utility contracting company with 32 offices across the country. A presence in so many locations means unique and continuous hiring needs, but for years the company lacked the technology necessary to make their recruitment process efficient.

Without recruitment software, the small recruiting team of three people, including HR recruiter Shaleigh Pysick, faced sizable challenges, like an inefficient and paper-heavy process that was reliant on multiple unsearchable databases and manual input.

“Previously, an application would come in and we would stick the applicant in our database but had no means to search them,” recalls Pysick. “There was no way to track candidates in the workflow. We had a paper process and it was very inefficient…before Applicant Tracking came into our lives.”

Pysick and her team were convinced that CareerBuilder products were essential to meeting the company’s demand for talent, but they still needed to convince internal decision makers. To do this, she and her colleagues worked with CareerBuilder to highlight the points they knew the decision makers cared about – compliance and salary recommendations.

With Applicant Tracking's supply and demand data, Pysick and her team were able to compare these workforce data points and determine how easy or hard it would be to attract top talent – before paying to post a job. This convinced decision makers that the software would address their recruitment challenges.

After teaming up with CareerBuilder, this small recruiting team was able to hire 900 new employees across 32 offices in one year—productivity that would have been unthinkable before Applicant Tracking. Thanks to their new intuitive applicant tracking system, Pysick estimates their recruiting team has gotten back about 50 percent more time in their day.

“The most impressive part of having Applicant Tracking is how easy my day has become from the moment I come in until I leave at the end of the day. I can review a candidate and move them through the workflow in two clicks.”

They also saw a significant drop in ad spend since implementing CareerBuilder products. Before using Applicant Tracking, MP Nexlevel was spending approximately $40,000 annually trying to attract new, interested job seekers on paper ads alone. Now, by keeping a searchable database of applicants, they spend a fraction of that.

MP Nexlevel went from having virtually no formal recruiting system in place to having effective technology that is capable of handling their massive hiring demands while cutting recruiting costs –As Shaleigh Pysick puts it: “ Applicant Tracking has made my life extremely easy.”

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