Credit Union 1 Streamlines Its Recruitment Process By Upgrading Its Technology

Client: Credit Union 1
Industry: Financial Services
Company Size: 200-500

CareerBuilder has been a great asset to Credit Union 1's recruitment strategy...We've gotten more quantity and more quality applicants from CareerBuilder than ever before.

Since 1958, Credit Union 1 has been a member-owned and -controlled financial institution dedicated to providing its members with convenient and competitive services. Based out of the Midwest, Credit Union 1 has 23 branches throughout Illinois, Indiana and Nevada, and serves almost 100,000 members across the country and around the world.

As its business grew, so did Credit Union 1’s need for employees with the necessary skills to maintain the company’s level of quality service for which it had become known. Finding the qualified candidates to fill positions, however, soon proved to be a struggle for the talent acquisition team. Credit Union 1’s ATS was outdated and involved various computer systems, making it difficult to navigate and unreliable. On top of that, thanks to an overly complicated application process, Credit Union 1 was losing candidates while struggling to attract new talent. It soon became clear Credit Union 1 needed a more streamlined application process and more sophisticated ATS.

Unsure where to begin, Credit Union 1 turned to CareerBuilder for guidance and expertise. They recommended an all-in-one solution that would result in an easier, more efficient recruitment process and a better overall experience for both Credit Union 1 employees and job applicants. The answer: CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking.

Not only did Applicant Tracking integrate easily with the other CareerBuilder solutions Credit Union 1 was already using (Job Postings and Resume Database Pro), Credit Union 1 saw noticeable improvements to its recruitment process almost immediately after implementing the new system.

Thanks to technology that mines for resumes from CareerBuilder Resume Database Pro and directly imports into Applicant Tracking, Credit Union 1 saw an increase in the quantity and quality of resumes coming in and could more easily find relevant talent. Applicant Tracking also simplified the application process for job seekers, resulting in more resumes and a significantly lower applicant drop-off rate. Since launching Applicant Tracking, Credit Union 1 has seen a year-over-year increase in applications of 65 percent. In the first six months of launching the solution, Credit Union 1 received 3,313 applications – nearly twice the amount it received in the same period the year before.

And thanks to Applicant Tracking's sophisticated and easily searchable file-storing system, Credit Union 1 can keep better track of candidates. The company has also been able to build a pipeline of qualified candidates from which the company can source talent, ultimately cutting down on time-to-hire. The company has already saved an average of 8-10 hours per week in the posting, screening and processing of applications.

Overall, implementing Applicant Tracking has resulted in a more efficient recruitment process and a better experience for both candidates and staff. According to Sue Heyen, VP of human resources at Credit Union 1:

"CareerBuilder has been a great asset to Credit Union 1’s recruitment strategy. Our CareerBuilder rep really cares and answers all of our questions and needs. The great customer service is one of the top reasons we’re continuing with CareerBuilder. We’ve gotten more quantity and more quality applicants from CareerBuilder than ever before, and our response from our CareerBuilder products has been both positive and cost-efficient, resulting in a rewarding relationship with a supportive team who have a genuine interest in helping their clients reach the next level."

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