New Enhancements, Including Screener Questions Template, Added to Applicant Tracking

June 19, 2017

June 2017 Release Update 

As part of our ongoing efforts to make your day-to-day tasks that much easier, we’ve added new features and updates to Applicant Tracking. These features are designed to simplify your job and make you even more productive.

The following features are available for Versions 4.0 and higher as of June 21, 2017.

Dedicated Evergreen Field

We understand it is essential to have a continual pipeline of candidates for your high volume requisitions. Many customers utilize the evergreen job requisition approach to support this recruiting need. Evergreen requisitions are positions that are continuously open in order to create a pipeline of candidates for future needs. Now in Applicant Tracking, we built a standard field for capturing this information that gives you the option to choose between two types of requisitions: regular or evergreen.

Why the change? If you use the evergreen approach, it can be challenging to accurately report certain metrics with evergreen data interfering. Now, with a new field dedicated to evergreen requisitions, you can filter them out when pulling reports, which will give you more detailed data when reporting on items like time to hire.

Contact your CareerBuilder representative for assistance or the Applicant Tracking Support Team to have this new field configured in your system.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Category
Customers using EEO will now find that the EEO Job Category automatically populates based on the EEO category that is assigned to the position template that’s selected when creating a requisition.

Why the change? Previously, when filling out a requisition you had to manually select the category type, adding an additional section when completing the fields on your requisition form. The pre-population of EEO will help streamline your process.

Easily Duplicate Previous Job Templates
No more need to copy and paste from old job templates when creating a new position in the toolbox. The new “Fill from previous template” drop-down menu lets you quickly choose from previously created templates. From there, it auto-populates the Job Description and Responsibilities and Requirements fields. You can use this as a starting point and edit specific areas where necessary, or quickly duplicate a similar job from a different department.

Reminder Message for New Users
Adding new users who need access to post jobs to external job boards? A new pop-up window helps you remember to add them to AdCourier, along with a direct link to the system and “how-to” instructions.

User-Controlled Updates to the Apply Form Template
Users now have the option to push changes made on the Apply Form Template to existing requisitions. 

Why the change? Previously, this request could only be completed by CareerBuilder’s support team.  This update puts the control in the user’s hands. Now, when saving an update to the Apply Form Template, users will be able to decide whether to use that update going forward or apply it to existing requisitions.

Access to Standard Screener Questions Report
The standard Screener Questions report will now be available under the reports toolbar within Applicant Tracking.

Why the change? Previously Screener Questions reporting was combined with the EEO & OFCCP reporting section. This change now allows system administrators to control access to screener questions reporting to individuals who do not have EEO & OFCCP report access. 

At CareerBuilder, we strive to bring you the best experience possible with the highest quality of solutions. These changes reflect that effort.

What do you think of these enhancements? Share your feedback with our product team.

Need help using this product? Reach out to our customer service team. 


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