Applicant Tracking: New Enhancements Make the System More Intuitive

February 21, 2017

CareerBuilder has taken steps to make Applicant Tracking easier to navigate while also giving you the ability to self-serve with more options for custom reporting. We have also taken our automatic dispositioning a step further for clients interested in removing unqualified candidates from consideration based on their answers to screener questions.


Intuitive Design

We take customer feedback seriously and use it to enhance our user experience. We added more visible buttons to better guide you through the system. The Refresh, Back and New buttons are now easier to find throughout the system.

For consistency, we have also updated the action button from “Ok” to “Go” throughout the entire system. 





Custom Reporting

We’ve added new fields to custom reporting within your CareerBuilder ATS. There are new fields within both the requisition and candidate report types.  In the requisition report type, we’ve added additional candidate fields to the assignment section. In the candidate report, we’ve added additional requisition fields to the assignment and application sections. We have added these additional fields to ensure that you no longer have to pull two different reports to get the information you need. 

Note: This will automatically become available in Versions 4.0 and higher on Feb. 22, 2017.


Avoid Unqualified Candidates

You now have the option to have your applicant tracking system disposition unqualified candidates automatically based on screener score. We now offer a configurable feature for Version 4.0 and higher that allows you to set up your ATS to disposition candidates with a 0 percent on screener questions. If a candidate scores a 0 percent, they will automatically be placed in the candidate pool with a disposition reason of ‘Screener Knockout’. 

Note: This feature cannot be turned on for Applicant Tracking clients utilizing our OFCCP features.

Contact your CareerBuilder representative for assistance or the  Support Team to have this feature turned on.

Share your feedback on Applicant Tracking with our product team!

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