Applicant Tracking Adds Onboarding to Extensive List of Features

April 24, 2018

Spring 2018 Release Update 

Thanks to a recent partnership with SilkRoad Onboarding, Applicant Tracking now offers onboarding as part of its ever-growing recruitment arsenal, designed to help you increase efficiency and streamline your recruiting process.

That means that, in addition to being able to view and search candidates, run reports, measure performance, manage job postings, engage with candidates, launch background checks, you can also start the onboarding process for new hires — all from one easy-to-manage dashboard. 

Onboarding: Creating a Better Experience for Employers and New Hires

With the addition of onboarding to Applicant Tracking, you can engage new hires from the moment the candidate accepts the offer—all without skipping a beat. The new onboarding feature allows you to eliminate manual processes and provide new hires the resources and information they need to “hit the ground running” on their first day.

As a result, you see increased efficiency and a better new hire experience. Specifically, onboarding offers the following features and benefits:  

  • Automated workflows. Onboarding automatically directs the right materials to the right people and captures required information to minimize errors and ensure a streamlined, frustration-free process.
  • Immediate engagement of new hires. New hires get the necessary employment forms, verifications, and benefits and learning materials to fill out before day one.
  • Engage new hires. New hires receive personalized and engaging content to welcome them to – and familiarize them with – the organization.
  • Consistency. Customize your onboarding portal with your company’s branding for a consistent introduction for every new hire.
  • Better candidate experience. Provide an engaging, empowering experience that welcomes new hires and gives them a reason to stay.

Interested in learning more about our Silkroad Onboarding integration in Applicant Tracking? Request a demo here.

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