2 in 5 Recruiters Have Missed Out on Qualified Candidates

December 19, 2016 Mary Lorenz

In today’s competitive talent market, recruiters are under pressure to deliver the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. But such demands can – and do – lead to hasty decision-making, as new research from CareerBuilder indicates.

In a recent CareerBuilder survey asking employers to name the biggest mistakes recruiters make when sourcing for an open position, 41 percent cited “skimming through resumes too quickly and missing qualified candidates.”

Other common mistakes included: failing to look at candidates in their own database; assuming that one search with a particular source would show all the relevant candidates; running searches that are too generic; and only looking at candidates who posted resumes in the last 30 days.

What this means for you

In a labor market where recruiters might be bombarded with hundreds of resumes for a single position, it’s not hard to understand how such mistakes could happen. Fortunately, there’s a solution. The right sourcing technology can help recruiters cut down the time and labor necessary to review each and every resume that comes your way.

Sourcing technology is just one type of talent acquisition software available now designed to reduce the time and money spent on recruiting (not to mention the mistakes). If you’re considering adding or upgrading your own recruitment technology but don’t know where to start, consider this list by Tim Sackett, talent advisor for CareerBuilder, which can guide you to find the right recruitment technology for you.

Assess your current recruitment technology process with this questionnaire.

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