Talentstream Engage and TextRecruit: Connect with More Candidates via Text Message

November 10, 2016

Now, CareerBuilder clients with Talentstream Engage can take communication with their talent network members to the next level by purchasing a TextRecruit license.

With TextRecruit, employers and recruiters can easily send text messages to talent network members and candidates inviting them to events, asking them to apply or sending other relevant, personalized messages. With its remarkably high open and response rates and its secure platform, TextRecruit helps convert talent network members into candidates – and possible future hires – while ensuring companies stay compliant.

How it works

With a license to TextRecruit, Talentstream Engage clients can add a specialized “join” form to their career site asking candidates to opt in to receive text messages. Clients can send text messages by simply logging into the TextRecruit platform, where they can also track responses, view conversation history and measure performance (open rates, responses and unsubscribes). Clients can rest assured all phone numbers are verified and all data is kept safe and secure.

Features of TextRecruit

  • Two-way text communication. Talk to talent network members or candidates via text messaging.
  • Singular or mass texting options. Create individual texts or campaigns for sourcing, recruiting and interview management.
  • Higher engagement. TextRecruit texts have a 99 percent open rate and a 37 percent response rate.
  • Compliance and verification. TextRecruit is EEOC and OFCCP compliant. All phone numbers are verified, all data is kept safe and secure and all unsubscribe requests are tracked and honored in real time.
  • Reporting and analytics. Get real-time reports on open, response and unsubscribe rates.
  • Mobile app available. Text with candidates anytime from anywhere, using the mobile app.

Talentstream Engage clients will be provided with a specialized join form that asks candidates to opt in to receive text messages

TextRecruit enables two-way communication between recruiters and talent network members and candidates imported from other sources.

Get in touch with your CareerBuilder representative to learn more about TextRecruit.

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