ADP: Small Businesses Created 61,000 Jobs in April

May 3, 2017 Pete Jansons

After a strong showing in March, small business job growth slowed somewhat in April, according to the ADP’s latest Small Business Employment Report. Small businesses added 61,000 jobs in April – much less than the 118,000 jobs in March and 104,000 jobs added in February. The ADP’s small business employment report looks at job growth specific to businesses with 49 or fewer employees. 

A Closer Look at the Numbers

When looking at small businesses by size, very small businesses (those with 1-19 employees) added 28,000 jobs in April (down from 60,000 jobs in March), and other small businesses (20-49 employees) added 33,000 jobs (down from 58,000 jobs in March). Comparing industries, small businesses in the service-producing sector added 69,000 jobs in April (up from 32,000 jobs in March); however, jobs in the goods-producing sector saw a loss of 8,000 jobs (after adding 86,000 jobs in March).

Comparison to Overall U.S. Job Growth

Small businesses weren’t the only ones having a slower month. Overall, the U.S. added 177,000 private sector jobs in April, as indicated in the ADP’s National Report. While this was higher than economists’ predictions, it was significantly lower than the 255,000 jobs added in March (originally reported as 263,000). Looking at growth by business size and sector, mid-sized businesses added 78,000 jobs (down from 100,000 jobs in March), and large businesses added 38,000 jobs in April (down from 45,000 jobs in March). The goods-producing sector added 82,000 jobs overall in March (compared with 106,000 in February) and in the service-producing sector, the U.S. added 181,000 jobs (compared to 193,000 in February).

The industries adding the most jobs were professional and business (72,000 jobs added), education and health (41,000 jobs), and leisure and hospitality (35,000). After adding 49,000 jobs last month, construction saw a loss of 2,000 jobs in April.  

Looking Ahead

Certainly, April’s job report didn’t have quite the same “oomph” as March’s report – it was, in fact, the lowest job growth all year; however, job growth continues to be strong in the small business sector. For tips and advice on hiring and retaining top talent, visit CareerBuilder’s small business resources page.

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