How Candidate Sourcing Changed the Game for Rockwater

September 13, 2016

Client: Rockwater Energy Solutions
Industry: Oil and Gas
Company Size: 1,000 - 5,000


“In September 2013, when we initially launched CareerBuilder’s solutions, we were receiving about 100 applications per 20 job postings. We just had 17 job postings this month and received over 1,000 resumes, so CareerBuilder has been helping us immensely. Voluntary turnover is down to 41.8 percent, and we attribute this to CareerBuilder being able to help us hire the right people. For me, good customer service is a sign of a good company. And anytime we have to call the CareerBuilder customer support, it’s like we are their only priority.”

-        Sarah Truchard, Safety & HR Manager


Rockwater Energy Solutions is a fluids and environmental solutions provider, offering customized products and services to the oil industry throughout the U.S. and Western Canada. The company was founded in 2011 to address the special water and environmental-related challenges associated with modern-day unconventional and conventional oil and gas resource development.

When Rockwater began operations in 2011, the company did not have a formal hiring process – and certainly not one that utilized technology. The company didn’t post jobs on the internet, which meant job seekers couldn’t view or apply for available opportunities online.

At the same time, Rockwater was experiencing rapid growth. In its first two years, it already had 3,000 employees and was only continuing to grow. The company realized “the old way of doing things” was no longer sufficient. Without an automated recruiting solution, senior members of the HR team were left to work with hiring managers in the field to identify candidates for open positions. Rockwater needed a streamlined recruitment process, using technology that could support their expansion and unique needs within the oil field services industry. Because Rockwater often did same-day hiring, the company also needed a constant pipeline of qualified candidates from which to pull at a moment’s notice.

Rockwater turned to the team at CareerBuilder, who helped the company identifying a recruitment process and easy-to-use technology that would be easy to implement and adopt across the business. Though Rockwater had never had used a high tech recruitment solution before, the HR team was able to adapt to the software quickly, thanks to interactive training webinars.

With the implementation of CareerBuilder’s intuitive applicant tracking system, Talentstream Recruit and a career site powered by Talentstream Engage, Rockwater was able to streamline its recruitment process and improve its level of candidate engagement. As a result, Rockwater was able to drive more qualified candidates to its jobs, fill positions quickly and build its pipeline of talent. Moreover, the company saw a reduction in voluntary turnover, which Sarah Truchard, Rockwater’s director of safety and human resources, attributes to the fact that the company was hiring the right people.

Rockwater has also seen great success with another solution, Talentstream Supply and Demand, which gives the company access to labor market data and competitive insight right inside its applicant tracking system. With Supply and Demand data, Rockwater can see the companies with whom it is competing for talent and what they are offering in terms of compensation for the same position. As a result, they are able to offer competitive pay and stay ahead of competitors. Today, CareerBuilder is Rockwater’s primary source for recruitment.

Specific results from using Talentstream Technologies software solutions include:

  • Since launching Talentstream Recruit, Rockwater went from 10 applications per job to 100 applications per job.
  • Currently they have 1,500 employed workers, and as of January 2017, they have 18,821 members in their talent network (12.5X more than their employee base).
  • Rockwater has seen 13,000 unique visits to their career site powered by Talentstream Engage in a 60 day period.
  • Rockwater has made over 2,000 hires since 2014, and CareerBuilder is their primary recruitment source.
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