Talentstream Engage: Fill Your Candidate Pool Quickly with Engage as Your Career Site

August 23, 2016

If you’re using Talentstream Engage as a pipelining tool, you’re already reaping the benefits of building a strong talent network. Yet, new CareerBuilder data suggests that Talentstream Engage is even more effective at capturing candidates – and upping your application count – when it serves as your primary career site.

According to CareerBuilder research, 80 percent of candidates will visit a company’s career site during their job search. If Talentstream Engage serves as your main career site, candidates will have more direct access to join your talent network: Customers who use Engage as their career site gain 200 percent more members than those who only use it as a re-engagement tool.

The more talent network members your organization has, the more automatic re-engagement emails will be sent to prospective employees. This matters because CareerBuilder’s job alert emails average a 56 percent open rate (three times the industry average) and 12 percent click-through rate (five times the industry average). More clicks on the dynamic content within job alert emails lead to more returning traffic to your career site, and 30 percent of email traffic on a job details page will convert to an applicant.

The bottom line? Our new product research shows that Talentstream Engage as a career site can help you grow your talent network, leading to 23 percent more applications.

Talenstream Engage Implementation

We highly recommend creating a new <<Careers>> tab on your navigation bar and hyperlinking the tab to your Talentstream Engage site to reach potential candidates. In the example above, Jenn's Design Studio's site links directly to the company's jobs as seen below:

Talenstream Engage

For more information, contact Client Support or your CareerBuilder sales rep.

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