Staffing Advantage Report: Exclusive Staffing Industry Trends

September 19, 2016

What the Best Staffing Firms Do

Exclusive Staffing Insights You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Today, competition is fierce among staffing firms vying for business. Did you know the average client works with three different staffing firms? According to CareerBuilder and Inavero’s 2016 Staffing Advantage survey, 59 percent of clients say this choice gives them better access to talent because if one firm can’t help them, they have other options.

This guide offers exclusive data and insights from your peers in the staffing industry that give you an inside view of the competition you’re up against — and the competitive intelligence you need to rival the best-in-class staffing firms in the country.

You will learn:

  • How to win over the right talent.
  • How to score more business.
  • Why using technology will give you the competitive advantage you need.
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