College Analyst Brings Enhanced Reporting to Talent Gather

June 7, 2017

For customers with Talent Gather, CareerBuilder’s recruitment event management tool, measuring the effectiveness of your campus recruiting efforts just got a lot easier. That’s because Emsi Analytics for College Recruiting (College Analyst), an online portal of comprehensive data from colleges across the U.S., is now integrated with Talent Gather. The integration gives Talent Gather customers access to high quality reporting while providing better insight into the demographic makeup of the colleges they are visiting. As a result, customers will gain a better understanding of their college recruiting efforts.

With the integration of College Analyst, Talent Gather customers will see benefits from these four features:

Feature #1: School-specific information. When clients go into their account, information about the specific school and its demographic makeup will appear alongside the information collected at the campus recruiting event.

Benefit: The additional information will help recruiters learn more about the students whose information they collected at the college recruiting event.

Feature #2: Contextual reporting. All reports are now formatted into a narrative explanation, adding context to every piece of data provided.

Benefit: Clients will save time trying to make sense of the raw data - the data has already been broken down and put into an easy-to-understand, narrative format.

Feature #3: Career event comparison reports. Clients can automatically see how various career events compare with reports detailing the number of candidates interacted with at each event, the percent of candidates recommended, and candidate-to-recruiter ratios.

Benefit: This information will help you gauge which campus recruiting events are most successful and set the standard for future events.

Feature #4: See how much exposure an individual college recruiting event provided. With College Analyst, you can now compare how many candidates you interacted with versus the population of the school, in order to understand how much exposure the event provided.

Benefit: This information can help you determine the return on your investment in the event and whether it is worthwhile to go back for future campus recruiting events.

Learn more about College Analyst today.

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