8 Ways to Enhance Candidate Experience Through Background Checks

May 14, 2017 Mary Poquette


Surprises can be fun, but not when they occur during the background check process. Making your candidates aware of the following background check elements will set their minds at ease—and ensure they are prepared for what’s to come.

1. Security and Privacy

A background check is filled with personal information. Reassure your candidate about electronic data security and confidentiality of the information within your organization.

2. Credit History

Candidates often have special concerns about their credit. If a credit check will be a part of the background check, explain why it is important for the specific position.

3. Passing

Even candidates with nothing to hide worry about “passing” the background check, especially the criminal check. Assure them there is no automatic disqualification.

4. Process and Technology

Don’t assume candidates know how the background check process works. Explain the process, the role of technology, what they will need to do, how they will be kept informed and how to get their questions answered.

5. Turnaround Time

Let the candidate know high quality background checks are not instant. They may take two to three business days—and in some cases longer. Assure them this does not signal a problem.

6. Decision Making

Reassure the candidate that if potentially disqualifying information is returned in the background report, they will receive a copy of the background report and a summary of their rights to review. Candidates will have an opportunity to dispute and correct information in the report and provide input.

7. Communicate

The employment process may be part of your everyday routine, but it’s not for the candidate. You have invested a lot to get the candidate to this point. Invest a little more and communicate, communicate, communicate!

8. Knowledge

Background screening is governed by state, federal and even local law. Be sure you know and comply with your legal obligations as an employer.

Demystifying the background check process helps alleviate stress and improve candidate experience, both of which improve your chances of attracting and hiring the best candidates.

Improving background check procedure is only part of the puzzle. Check out the other ways to improve candidate experience.

Mary Poquette is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Poquette Screening Solutions, LLC and a 20-year veteran of the background screening industry


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