New Guide: How to Create a Winning Recruitment Strategy

February 12, 2016 Matt Tarpey

How to build a successful recruitment strategy

A winning recruitment strategy is the difference between companies that lead and companies that lag. And, as with any vital system, it’s important to check up on your recruitment strategy to ensure it’s working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

CareerBuilder’s new guide, “How to Create a Winning Recruitment Strategy,” guides you through the key questions you need to ask about your strategy in order to gauge its performance and identify potential problems.

This guide will answer questions such as:

  • Are you tapping into all the sources of talent that you should be?
  • How can you make your recruiting emails more engaging?
  • Have you established and maintained effective talent pipelines?


Use our guide to do a comprehensive pulse check of your strategy and get a firm grasp of its strengths and weaknesses. Then, use our concrete, actionable tips to improve and expand your strategy for 2016 and beyond.

Effective recruiting is a crucial first step to achieving any business goals, and there’s no better time to give your recruitment strategy a quick check-up.

Download the guide, and build a recruitment strategy that is equipped to deliver your company the talent it needs to stay competitive.


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