8 Questions and Complaints You Hear When Onboarding a New Hire

April 5, 2017 Debra Auerbach


new hire onboarding

You know the importance of having a good onboarding experience. A structured, technology-driven onboarding process can not only make your job easier, but it can have a big impact on the perception a new hire has of your company.

Having said all that, you may have the best onboarding process in the biz, but that doesn’t mean you might not occasionally get some, er, interesting questions and complaints from new hires. 

Here are eight gifs to describe what you wish you could say – or do – in response to those questions you may get when onboarding a new hire:

1. My office is so small, what’s the process for getting a new one?


2. OMG there’s so much free food, I may never have to bring in a lunch!

share food

3. I thought my first paycheck would be bigger.


4. Oops, I forgot I was supposed to fill out my paperwork before I started.


5. Are there good restaurants around here?


6. Where can I pick up my personal packages?


7. Oh you were serious about me bringing in my IDs?


8. I didn’t know I only have 31 days to complete my benefits.


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