Your Secret Weapon to Finding Great Candidates

February 26, 2016 Amy McDonnell

Today, an increasing number of occupations are growing at a rapid rate – so much so that the demand outweighs the supply of available qualified candidates. Off the bat, STEM positions likely come to mind – but many longstanding occupations, both blue and white collar, are facing these same challenges.

As an employer, what do you need to do to overcome this obstacle and gain access to a larger pool of qualified talent to quickly fill your open positions?

Tap into a new candidate pool

Sometimes, the answer is closer than you may expect, even if it’s not in the first place you look. Many employers are finding success by sourcing candidates who are currently working in similar roles – but different industries — as the ones for which they’re hiring. Why? These candidates have been found to have transferable skills that are a great fit for these employers’ open jobs, even though if at first glance they may not be an obvious choice.

By tapping into candidates with skills compatible with the ones you need for your open positions, you’ll widen your reach to a whole new market, fill your positions more quickly, and get fresh candidates who bring a new perspective and set of experiences to your company.

Where to start

EMSI’s Compatible Occupations Report makes it easy for you to review the number of available jobs for comparable occupations, see what the job growth looks like in those fields, and assess the demand for talent.

You can then drill down to see the tightness of skill match, knowledge, skills and abilities for candidates in these occupations.

This report gives you a way to access occupations with declining demand and a wealth of available candidates who are likely to be open to making a move outside their industry – particularly if you are able to offer them a higher salary. By reviewing the average salary for related occupations, you can determine how much to offer candidates to get them excited about your job. Bringing these candidates into the fold is a great way to keep talented people working and relevant – and a great way for you to remain competitive by investing in upskilling talent that has a large volume of transferrable skills.

Example study: Related occupation search for truck drivers

Position you are hiring for: Truck drivers in the greater Chicago area
Related occupation to check out: Light truck and delivery service drivers

Truck drivers are a notoriously high-demand, hard-to-fill position – which is why it’s also a great idea for transportation companies to tap into other candidate pools to decrease time to hire.

Occupation overview for truck drivers:
  • High-demand job; 11% growth is expected over the next 10 years.
  • A lot of effort is going into advertising to find these individuals, but hiring remains flat.
  • This poses a big problem for those looking to fill these roles.

Truck Driver Job Postings Overview

Related Occupations – top 10 based on highest level of compatibility:

There is a large overlap of skills between light truck and delivery service drivers – and truck drivers. Furthermore, wages for light truck and delivery service drivers are lower than that of truck drivers.

The verdict?

Hiring managers for truck drivers should tap into light truck and delivery service driver candidate pools to help fill their open positions.

Hiring Indicator Score

CareerBuilder created Tips on How to Source Drivers

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